Motivational Talks

Motivational Talks

Get your team motivated.

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John lives and breathes the concept that achieving and maintaining peak physical performance is the ultimate metaphor for changing your life. When you change your body, you change your mind and vice versa, the inner training in disciplined perseverance, endurance and strengthening is what empowers the body to push beyond its limits. Conversely, the physical training of the body trains the mind, becoming stronger, purer in intention and powerful in effecting permanent change.

John walks alongside us as we discover how the power of our belief in ourselves demolishes self-confining paradigms, which then propels us out from our lethargic mediocrity to claiming enduring excellence for ourselves. He gives us his 
high-performance map which we can follow as we can change our bodies, minds, and lives and change the lives of others in a potent Butterfly Effect, where small, positive changes in an individual result in larger and larger changes in an exponentially progressive ripple effect.

To book John for a Motivation Talk or to inquire about this service, please send a mail with your request to [email protected] or contact Adele at +27 72 133 2370.